Alluded Kiss


Alluded Kiss is an object based, durational work that was performed at Frontspace Gallery on May 13th 2016. For the duration of two hours I stood behind a 3ft x 5ft pane of glass raised on a wooden stand to fit the height of my body. I then repeated the action of applying lipstick to my lips, embracing the glass with both hands, and transferring a single kiss to the glass. This action was repeated until the lipstick had been used completely. Through the sequenced repetition I entered a rhythmic meditative state that allowed my focus to become one with my body. As I controlled the composition on the glass before my face the material of the lipstick created it’s own composition spread across my lips, nose, and chin. As time progressed the view of the face began to blur as the lip prints overlapped each other. Alluded Kiss attempts to communicate emotional strain absorbed from neglecting my personal desires and self-harm through intimacy.

(photo documentation by Kimby Lok)  
(video documentation by Jessica Borusky)