2016   Bachelors of Arts, University of Missouri Kansas City




Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Fibers, Soft Sculpture, Ceramics, Metalsmithing, Printmaking, Performance, and Installation


Internships and Experience


2016   UMKC Gallery Intern with Barry Anderson

2015   Studio Intern for Jessica Borusky      

2015   Dispatches From the Prairie, durational performance by Jessica Borusky

           Intern/photo documentation

           Mobius, Boston, MA

2015   The Weight of an Object public performance by Damia Smith

           Project assistant, photo documentation/video editing/prep and set-up

           Lawrence, KS

2014   Into the Night: Portraits of Life and Death with Helen Whitney Productions

           Intern/ PA

           Kansas City, MO

2014   UMKC Art 131: 3D Foundation class, professor Hyeyoung Shin

           Video documentation/ editing of The Cardboarders performance

           UMKC, Kansas City, MO


Awards/ Scholarships


2014   Honorable mention, Annual Student Art Exhibition, UMKC Gallery of Art, Kansas City, MO

2013   Transfer Scholarship, University of Missouri Kansas City



2018   The King of Herrings Performance Series

            Vulpes Bastille, Kansas City, MO


           ITINERANT Performance Art Festival NYC 

           organized and curated by Hector Canonge

           Last Frontier, Brooklyn, NY


2017  Flesh Crisis: Pop-up Performance Series

          The Drugstore, Kansas City, MO


2016  Flesh Crisis: Performance Art Symposium

           La Esquina Gallery, Kansas City, MO


           Imminent Vessel

           Frontspace, Kansas City, MO


           Annual Student Art Exhibition (Juried)

           UMKC Gallery of Art, Kansas City, MO


           I Eat, Therefore I Am

           ArtWorks, Trenton, NJ


2015   Golden Birthday (public performance)

            Kansas City, MO


            The Dark Side: Night Photography Exhibition (Juried)

            1650 Studio & Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


            I Love You (public performance with Lauren Schrader)

            Olive Garden, Kansas City, MO



            The Drugstore, Kansas City, MO


            Annual Student Art Exhibition (Juried)

            UMKC Gallery of Art, Kansas City, MO


           Know Your Roly Poly (public performance)

           Union Station, Kansas City, MO


          Yeah, No. I mean it: Time, Situation, Dexterity

          La Esquina Gallery of the Charlotte Street Foundation, Kansas City, MO


2014   Annual Student Art Exhibition (Juried)

           UMKC Gallery of Art, Kansas City, MO


           UMKC student showcase screening

           Middle of the Map Film Fest, Alamo Drafthouse, Kansas City, MO


           We Now Pronounce You: Redefining Marriage in the 21st Century (Juried)

           UMKC Gallery of Art, Kansas City, MO


2013   Sonance Multimedia Exhibition & Event Series: Gemini Revolution

            UMKC Gallery of Art, Kansas City, MO


2011   Student Art Exhibit and Sale

          Carter Art Center, Kansas City, MO